Medieval posh dining:

À la horse and cart

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Urinal cakes:

Need icing.

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I like street food

because I like to get exposed to different cultures.
I mostly stick to the classics - Clostrium, E.coli, Listeria...

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Fool’s Errant

Take leave of this port
It harbours such fools!
Your current-see spends
Though it barely propels
Your voice though it screams
Ever lost in the breeze

Take leave of this port
With tail as a compass:
You move off with purpose
It points to a concept
A magnet that pushes
Until it attracts
'Til the day the poles flip
You may learn to live
You may yearn to live
With a reckless abandon
Of all except hope

Take leave of this port
And a journey of days
It soon turns to years
Of steps turn to leaps and then bounds
Bound off to an unknown frontier
Hidden just beyond
The earth's curvature
Exist newer harbours
With welcoming climates
Where tiniest whispers
They dash out from loose lips
So wind's mighty currents
May deliver them softly
To each and every eager dedicated ear

There will also be fools.

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Don’t ever make the typo:

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Signs II

Saw a sign that said "Massage 24hrs"
I can't even lie down for that long.

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I love those rentable scooters you get in cities

Hate riding them, though, they're so dangerous.
So I hired someone to ride it for me too. What a fun day out.
And when they fall off - value.

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No-one called me metrosexual...

...'til I shagged that tram.

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Why a sign that says 'road works'?

When, quite clearly,

It doesnt.

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I love fads. I love a good fad. I was into
Furbies, I was into
Fidget Spinners, I was into
breathing. Love a good...
Arctic exploration...
That was good.

Sometimes I'd make combinations -
I'd be there...
in the arctic,
before people even knew it was cool -
Fidget spinner in one hand,
Furbie in the other.
Just vibin'

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