Delta Dhamma

Join me
(contemplative, by the riverside)
I'll be
sharply restive for a little while,
away the time:
see if it will stop.

Lazy breeze disturbs a branch
"Is that all you've got?"

Now drifts amid the scene
a butterfly
settles on a comfy leaf -

Gecko wildly skips across the lawn,
eyes me with distrust -
leaving me for dust
(off to rob the bank of its newborn)

The skiff I see
putt-putt's aggressively
tracing lines towards the sea -
deserting me!
Something I said?
It cannot be:
no words left my head.

Soft swell laps the shore
Lost coi laps the island once more
All's well, fishy, don't relent!
One cannot be lost in a moment