Juicy Tech

Gotta catch a mall
You've just gotta catch a mall
Room to shop until you drop
None to catch you when you fall
Much to yearn but you can't stop
See just one you've seen 'em all
Gotta catch a mall

Understand: though they have plenty
Luxury has spread from gentry
Roll up, roll up
Preferably a wad of fifties
Line up, grap a cup
Drink the Kool-Aid, don't be thrifty
Spend a grand, don't spend a penny

(as to spend a penny costs a pound.
At least... in the lobby)

Devices, everywhere devices
All this shiny tech entices
So much browsing is arousing
In me latent unknown vices
Brain is bouncing in its housing
Inner voice with laughs derisive
Inner child with wants decisive

Phones to the left of me, tablets to the right
And I'm stuck in the middle with Jools
(he's my Apple genius)
Didn't know I needed one

Here to educate me on the types of USB, see?
No... USB - C
Or is it Lightning?
Charging cables - I'll need three
Due to mass format infighting
My devices disagree
Boy, do I miss DVD

No, wait! Pen and paper:
Prior to, our thoughts were vapour
Specks of dust upon the wind
Glints of meaning soon to taper
Only the most noble pinned
Hark back to the great reshaper -
Bless the mighty tech of PAPER!

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