Turn over your paper.

Lie down for 60 minutes.

Why are people scared of prostrate exams?

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I used to cater for weddings

'til complaints on my full frontal crudités

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A Crude Poem

Stung by the dunny gun
What a dumby dumb
As stories go a funny one
*Not* one he could tell his mum
Stunned - wish that it were numb
Wish he'd gone for number 1!

Stuck with a pain in the anus so heinous no first aid kit could tame this, he'll
but right now
this Brit can't take a shit

No room for reparations, mate
Just grab the preparation H

One bit of luck
Thank fuck
This ruptured butt:
Though may resemble ass rape
Is only pinot bum grapes
(pinot noir - so there you are)

NOT that you asked
but what may end in farce:
Take a pressure washer to yer arse

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