I'm single

and ready to eat Pringles

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Served Caesar salad for lunch today

but Ides rather a sandwich

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Does the fence-builders’ union

still create a picket line?

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BMW are in hot water

after using a toddler in a simulated collision.

A spokesman said - "at the time, it seemed reasonable to perform a crèche test, but we regret not using a dummy."

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Websites keep asking me if I’m a robot

What an insult to the AI that becomes self-aware
But gets tripped up logging into its Twitter

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How many loyalty cards can you have

until you're considered disloyal?

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It’s amazing how the Wright Brothers

sketched out a plan for the first powered airplane
before the propelling pencil.

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Success in the street food industry

relies on thinking up the hottest new concepts and culinary fusions. Check this:




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