haiku of slight repentance

Ginger wine: not mine
But I drank you anyway
Buy you back... later

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Budgeting Haiku

They say to make a budget
And then stick to it
Someone dipped mine in some grease

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Juicy Tech

Gotta catch a mall
You've just gotta catch a mall
Room to shop until you drop
None to catch you when you fall
Much to yearn but you can't stop
See just one you've seen 'em all
Gotta catch a mall

Understand: though they have plenty
Luxury has spread from gentry
Roll up, roll up
Preferably a wad of fifties
Line up, grap a cup
Drink the Kool-Aid, don't be thrifty
Spend a grand, don't spend a penny

(as to spend a penny costs a pound.
At least... in the lobby)

Devices, everywhere devices
All this shiny tech entices
So much browsing is arousing
In me latent unknown vices
Brain is bouncing in its housing
Inner voice with laughs derisive
Inner child with wants decisive

Phones to the left of me, tablets to the right
And I'm stuck in the middle with Jools
(he's my Apple genius)
Didn't know I needed one

Here to educate me on the types of USB, see?
No... USB - C
Or is it Lightning?
Charging cables - I'll need three
Due to mass format infighting
My devices disagree
Boy, do I miss DVD

No, wait! Pen and paper:
Prior to, our thoughts were vapour
Specks of dust upon the wind
Glints of meaning soon to taper
Only the most noble pinned
Hark back to the great reshaper -
Bless the mighty tech of PAPER!

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In Auckland I arranged an illegal hookup

Underneath a flickering streetlamp
Powering my campervan

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Fool’s Errant

Take leave of this port
It harbours such fools!
Your current-see spends
Though it barely propels
Your voice though it screams
Ever lost in the breeze

Take leave of this port
With tail as a compass:
You move off with purpose
It points to a concept
A magnet that pushes
Until it attracts
'Til the day the poles flip
You may yearn to live
You may learn to live
With reckless abandon
Of all except hope

Take leave of this port
And a journey of days
It soon turns to years
Of steps turn to leaps and then bounds
Bound off to an unknown frontier
Hidden just beyond
The earth's curvature
Exist newer harbours
Welcoming climates
Where tiniest whispers
They dash out from loose lips
So a wind's mighty currents
Delivers them softly
To each and every eager dedicated ear

There will also be fools.

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A Crude Poem

Stung by the dunny gun
What a dumby dumb
As stories go a funny one
*Not* one he could tell his mum
Stunned - wish that it were numb
Wish he'd gone for number 1!

Stuck with a pain in the anus so heinous no first aid kit could tame this, he'll
but right now
this Brit can't take a shit

No room for reparations, mate
Just grab the preparation H

One bit of luck
Thank fuck
This ruptured butt:
Though may resemble ass rape
Is only pinot bum grapes
(pinot noir - so there you are)

NOT that you asked
but what may end in farce:
Take a pressure washer to yer arse

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Towers dwarf me
In a darkened sky
Could I be a brick?
Not by asking "why?"

Stacks of boxed people
A punctured horizon
And caged
Behind glass
With their 'go to work' eyes on:

Double glazed.
(Though largely unfazed)

Plugged in

Never paused,
since it never abated
Never to wonder
"Am I milked? Do I hate it?"
Never unfed,
Just un-stimulated (if you're paid it negates it)

Towers dwarf me
I sit on their shoulders
Ents for the space age
As tall but not older

This hobbit still has hope
May legs sprout!
but... nope
They're here to stay
Unless - maybe one day
They emerge from the surface
No more phallic hard-ships
Birthed from the flames
As a Transformer phoenix

Destined for planets
they head out to the cosmos
where they

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Moving Object

Wheels spin
Trolley trundles
Drivers' blare
At tourists' bumbles

City life: a whirr-
-ling dervish
Meeting Mind inert-
-ial: skirmish?

Calm lake:
always resolute -
embrace the swell
Holey parachute

floats amid the wind

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Root Cause

Rewinding roots: you would surround me;
Slowly, first, and then at pace;
A heart averted from your haste -
So blind - that we would be as one tree

Then ensnared
And unaware
That sacred solitude's contrite
Apology would ne'er suffice
That vain attempts to slip from vice
Would bring a tear to lovers' might

Unwinding roots: you scarce surpris'd me!
Old graffiti on the wall
That stood between, nowhere to fall
And blocked your light from me unkindly

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